Our business is supporting your business.

Complex System Implementations, Simplified

Finding the right partner to implement your IT solutions can be a tricky process. Experience, track record, and trust are dealbreakers; fortunately, Concept has all those things.

Our implementation methodology is time-proven and backed by over 20 years of experience performing systems implementations. We continually improve our processes to ensure the highest quality, professional results. We work to improve turnaround time and efficiencies to reduce costs and share our savings with you. Our objective is to make your experience as easy as possible. At Concept, you are our priority.

We get to know your company before we start. Because we understand your company and its operations, we can create an implementation plan that reflects your company’s accounting needs as well as your unique environment and culture.

Our implementations are customized to fit your company for each step of the process, usually for one low fixed price.

We apply proven implementation procedures, leveraging best practices from our years of experience. Our process is automated, documented, and replicable, but still provides flexibility for custom implementations.

This means we are able to provide consistent, high-quality implementations at an affordable price.

What You Get When You Work With Concept

Fixed prices

Concept provides fixed prices for most implementations upfront so you know exactly what you are paying for.


We involve you immediately if we run into complications that may affect your implementation. You control the process.

On Budget

We understand you have a budget. We ensure you get what was ordered for the agreed-upon cost, with no hidden fees. Everything is upfront and transparent.

On time

We work with you to ensure that a go-live date is set and that your deadlines are met.

At Concept, we believe that if our clients are successful, we will be successful. Everything we do keeps this principle in mind – that your success is our goal.

Your Implementation Includes:

  • Detailed rapid implementation project plan

  • System design consulting

  • Detailed system design documentation

  • Detailed system setup and configuration

  • System validation

  • Reporting (as required)

  • Customized training sessions

  • Customized Training Materials

Our Implementation Methodology

Let us help you implement
Dynamics 365 in your business. ​

Schedule a demo or hands-on trial, ask questions, and get advice!

A successful implementation requires an in-depth understanding of a company, how it operates, how people within the company interact, and what it needs to grow. Our first step is to perform an in-depth discovery to find out what makes your company unique and what we can do to help make it even better.

After the discovery, we provide a detailed system design document outlining proposed key processes and includes detailed testing procedures to ensure a successful go-live transition.
Because we take the time to know your company and how you operate, we can better create a plan that will empower your business. As experienced system consultants, we know how to tailor a system that fits your business model.

During the customization phase of your implementation, we perform system and module setup, migrate data, and customize reports. We can also provide a duplicate test environment so that you can assess your new system and provide feedback before your go-live date.
Once system customization is complete, we meet with your key stakeholders to validate that all proposed processes and procedures support your organization to your satisfaction.
Our training methodology is a driving force behind all implementations because better understanding allows your users to better use your new system.

We leverage the newest research ineffective training methodologies to provide state-of-the-art customized online training, including fully customized training documentation.
We are not only there to implement your new solution, but to ensure your users know how to use it for your best advantage and to your greatest satisfaction. We know that change can be difficult but we will be there all the way through the training process to answer questions and provide feedback.
The key to a successful implementation is keeping you informed. During the implementation process, we make sure to keep exchanging feedback and discussing progress through regularly scheduled question and answer sessions.

These meetings are aimed at tracking the project status and answering your questions so you get the end results you need and expected.