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Empower your Field Service Technicians

Deliver excellent Field Service that exceeds your customers' expectations

MobileDynamics provides back-office information where your field technicians need it most—with them. With MobileDynamics, daily activities such as sending new service calls to the field, resolution tracking, and initiating new service orders are routine. Core functionality has been designed to address the common needs and best practices of field-based technicians.

MobileDynamics’ unique design and architecture integrate intelligent networking with a thick client so mobile workers can perform their duties on any device regardless of whether a network connection is available or not. The mobile units will automatically synchronize with NAV upon detection of an available network.


Empower Your Technicians

Let them spend more time serving customers by eliminating paperwork phone calls, and wasted trips to the back office.

  • Automated work orders, track travel & service time, equipment details & history, parts & labor, inventory levels, corrective actions, etc.
  • Document preventative maintenance & corrective actions including photos, notes, and signatures relating to the problems encountered
  • Electronic timecards to track regular, premium, and overtime
  • Service reports, invoices, receipts, time cards, etc. are automatically generated so techs can focus on providing services rather than paperwork
  • Any work recommended automatically creates a service quote in NAV and notifies customer support saving time and improving customer satisfaction
  • No more paper service work-orders
  • Get paid faster


How does MobileDynamics help my organization?

Intelligently Schedule And Dispatch

MobileDynamics allows dispatchers to create, assign & update work orders based on your business process and deploys them directly to technicians’ mobile devices instantly. Dispatchers can utilize their existing NAV dispatch system or MobileDynamics GPS tracking functionality to find the nearest technician for any service call and assign work orders based on technician skill sets, inventory on-hand, status, history, etc. maximizing efficiency and improving service levels.

An Effective Field Service Solution

Optimize your entire field service business process - from dispatch and work order prioritizing to parts used and labor costs. MobileDynamics delivers information to your field technicians when they need it most, on-site with the customer. Automating their service calls allows your techs to focus on customer satisfaction.

NAV Integration Is Easy

MobileDynamics is designed to easily integrate to your existing backend system. Closed work orders are immediately ready for review or immediate billing. Recommended work by the technician automatically creates work quotations sending necessary email notifications. MobileDynamics ensures data integrity from your ERP system to each technician device.

Frequently Asked Questions About Microsoft 365

MobileDynamics syncs wirelessly with Navision in real-time. So, when your field service technician closes a service order, removes parts from his service van, or recommends work, Navision and other users are updated right away.  Technicians do not need to visit the office, and nobody has to wait for a batch syncing schedule.

Your technicians can work offline or at sites with poor wireless reception. MobileDynamics will sync once it re-establishes a wireless connection.

With MobileDynamics, your choices are not limited to specific mobile hardware and software, you can work with your preferred equipment brands and vendors.

The MobileDynamics Solution connects directly with Navision through API web calls and utilized all existing Navision code to create and update service work orders. It eliminates all manual processes such as double-entry of information, which ensures accurate and up-to-date reporting.

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