An Events and Membership solution powered by Microsoft software you know.

Doing Extraordinary Things With Dynamics 365

PointClickJOIN is a cloud-based solution that helps all organizations operate and manage their Memberships, Events, and Committees more efficiently.

PointClickJOIN  leverages Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and delivers a modern interface that is easy to use for managing all aspects of your Memberships, Sponsorships, Events, Venues, Speakers, Committees, and Campaigns. Sell products and easily view revenue from all sources through robust reporting and analytics.

The PointClickJOIN portal connects your members to a host of services and information allowing them to renew a membership, register for an event, or communicate with their committee members.

Easy integration with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central finance makes PointClickJOIN a total turn-key Membership, Event, and Committee solution.


What Can You Do With PointClickJOIN?

Your team will spend more time focused on the needs of your participants and members with a complete end-to-end-to-end solution.

Committees Get More Done

Allows document and knowledge sharing within a group of pre-defined Committee Members. Content is managed and available to Committee members through D365 or the Member portal.Member contacts can be assigned a Committee Role for access.

Provides functionality to quickly and easily create and manage all aspects of hosting an event. Setup various Event registration prices with Member and early-bird discounts. Track Speakers and Sponsors. Self-registration online through the Portal. Select a Venue and offer detailed meal plans. Track costs and revenue.

Full Event Management

Complete Member Management

Create and manage different membership types, pricing tiers, and terms. Track member since dates and automatically send out membership renewal notices.

Setup Membership Product bundles. Memberships can be registered or renewed through the Portal.

The PointClickJOIN Portal is the connection to your members. View Event details. Sign up for an event and choose a meal plan while sharing ideas within their own committee.
Allows membership registration or renewal. Track previous or open orders.

Convenient Customer Portal

Business Central Integration

When you are ready, PointClickJOIN easily integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to provide that full and comprehensive business management system.


How does PointClickJOIN help my organization?

Enhanced Customer Experience

Provides your members with a full-service experience when using the portal enhancing member satisfaction

Increased Level Of Customer Engagement

The solution is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics D365 which means full Microsoft 365 integration, full mail campaign, and survey management.


All membership and event portal transactions can be viewed in Dynamics 365 and in Dynamics Business Central financials eliminating the need for manual entry. Benefit from immediate 360-degree organization visibility.

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Membership and Event organization.

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